FleetCRMs VISION is to help solve challenges faced by Micro, Small, Medium, Large, Enterprises – Passenger Transport & Mobility Operators to succeed in the NEW digital-age, by hand-holding them to transform from Conventional to Digital way of working towards;

-Business Growth (via Supplier Network Programs),

-Revenue Generation (via E-Commerce &Digital Marketing) and

-Operational Excellence (via Automation of Last-Mile Activities)

We are the most trusted mobility specialist software company in the Livery (Limo, Chauffeur, Taxi, Transport), Ride-Hailing and E-Hailing industry in Singapore, which by default has the standard quality mark of excellence.

Our dedicated teams of support staff and product engineers work tirelessly to make sure you have the best software for your company that solves the problems and positions you to succeed in the competitive passenger transport marketplace.

We offer support by Chat, Email and Phone Calls.




Working Hours

System / General Support



Monday-Sunday: 0700hrs – 2100hrs SGT

System / General Support


+65 86051421

Monday-Friday: 0800hrs – 2000hrs SGT

Sales Support


+65 97310793

Monday-Friday: 0900hrs – 1800hrs SGT

Billing Support


+65 85092402

Monday-Friday: 1000hrs – 1700hrs SGT

ALL Support



Same or Next Business Day Response

If its PRIORITY-1 issue,
-where your Business Operations are affected 100%,
-please log an issue by Email to Support@ulavitech.com with Subject PRIORITY-1 & Supporting Details & Attachments.
-Then, Call the 24/7 Support Phone Number (+65 86051421).

Our dedicated teams of support staff and product engineers work tirelessly to make sure you have the best software for your company that solves the problems and positions you to succeed in the competitive passenger transport marketplace.

When you sign up, within 24 hours you get access to all the features in the MICRO Plan for 30 days.

We do not take any credit card details. We will email you when your trial expires. You can then select a plan and pay by credit card or debit card, or your PayPal account to continue using the product. If you choose not to continue, your account will expire. However, we’re positive you’ll love to increase your revenue and productivity with FLEETCRM.

If you are NOT comfortable subscribing straight-away for a plan but want to implement only the features a-la-carte. Kindly refer to the “Additional Offerings” section in the Pricing Page for the features you are looking for as a-la-carte option.

Please send an email to dhana@ulavitech.com for us to understand your requirements & help you make the right choice & decision based on the problems you want to solve using FLEETCRM for your business.

Further, we provide customization services at an additional cost, if you intent to implement FLEETCRM to suit your business requirements. Please contact us at dhana@ulavitech.com, if you need help making the right choice.

FLEETCRM doesn’t lock you with a FIXED contract, and your subscription is based on a flat monthly price that you have subscribed.

If you need to suspend or cancel your service, you are free to do so at any time, without penalty and without a fee for reactivation.

Yes. All contracts and subscriptions are by default set to auto-renewal and paid in advance for the month.

However, you will get an email notification prior to auto-renewal and you can choose to cancel the contract or subscription at that time. Once the payment is done, Viola, you are back with us again, without any penalty (or) a fee for reactivation!

Yes. FLEETCRM understands that your requirements change dynamically. You can upgrade anytime and its reflected in your account immediately. If you would like to upgrade or downgrade or cancel just shoot an email to dhana@ulavitech.com or to your account manager directly or one of the customer support numbers.

However, please note that you will be able to cancel or downgrade any license subscription at any time (would love to hear you so that we can help or find a solution for you to stay with us!) but the monthly advance subscription payment collected for that subscription term (i.e. for that month) is NOT pro-rated or adjusted or refunded.

FLEETCRM understands that your business requirements change dynamically. In an event, if you are business volumes are going good, then you can upgrade anytime to the next plan and its reflected in your account immediately.

Once you upgraded to next plan, the balance allowed trips per year is now available under your account.

For e.g. you are MICRO subscriber and exhausted the subscribed trips per year in 03 months from the day of starting the subscription, and upgraded to MEDIUM plan. You will have (9125 trips – 3650 trips) 5,475 trips balance available in your account and your monthly subscription will be as per the MEDIUM plan charged to your credit or debit card. The 5,475 balance trips as part of the MEDIUM Plan is valid for 12 months from the day of the upgrade.

If you would like to upgrade just shoot an email to dhana@ulavitech.com or to your account manager directly or one of the customer support numbers, we will get your account back LIVE immediately!

We accept all major credit cards & debit cards including Visa and Mastercard. We also accept payments through WIRE Transfers and PayPal accounts.

If you’d like us to accept any other form of payments, write to dhana@ulavitech.com or to your account manager or call one of our the customer support numbers published in Contact Us page.

All our subscription plan, by default allows you to have UNLIMITED Own or Contracted Drivers, Customers, 3rd party suppliers as your preferred supplier registered under your company or personal account for which you have subscribed.

Strictly, no ALIAS or 3rd party company or personal account transactions are allowed inside your subscribed account. There are strict legal actions & penalties for any misuse of the system or software licensed to your registered company or personal account, if we notice any alias or 3rd party company or personal transactions are allowed in your account.

The minimum number of TRIPS you can consume in our MICRO plan is capped to 3,650 trips per year and the maximum number of TRIPS you can consume in our ENTERPRISE plan is capped to 34,675 trips per year.

Need more trips, if you are a large team (or) want an alias account to manage multiple subscriptions for your company (or) You’d like to have custom features, pricing and more? Reach Out and Write to us @ dhana@ulavitech.com

We release updates once a month, which will be posted in the website and notified to our subscribed customers.

Since our software is cloud-based, nothing is required from you to receive the updates. In some instances, your driver & suppliers may require to click “UPDATE” button in the PLAYSTORE or APPSTORE to get an immediate update reflected in the mobile apps. And of course, our updates are FREE!

We are committed to the protect and secure all your data in the seamless integration of applications.

Access management of individual accounts is at your discretion and access to data is non-permissible to FLEETCRM Employees (limited to transactional support calls initiated from your side that will require for FLEETCRM support or product team to analyse the defect to provide you with a solution to the call or incident raised by FLEETCRM customers & their authorized employees or users) or any other third parties.

All the data is stored in the GOOGLE’s state of the art cloud computing platform, GCP. The security standards of GCP applies to the application as well. The internal servers of the application are hidden from the external world via GCP Security Groups (Firewall).

Not happy with the above answers? Or have more queries? Drop an email at support@ulavitech.com or Call any of the customer support numbers