About Us

About Us | About FLEETCRM

Founded in 2016, FLEETCRM is new age software solution for Ground Transport Operators. With the help of the forward looking Customers, Suppliers, Partners and Employees, we are continuously innovating for Micro, Small, Medium & Large Transport Operators and their enterprises to succeed & grow multiple times in their local market by solving the challenges around Business Growth, Revenue Generation, Operational Excellence, Productivity and Quality of Service.

Digital Transformation with E-Commerce enabled Web & Mobile presence, along with our Supplier Program helps the Ground Transport Operators build their businesses in ways they barely could have imagined before joining FLEETCRM.

Our Fit-For-Purpose, Fit-For-Use cloud-based web & mobile-app solutions, combined with an extensive connectivity with the global demand aggregators, positions the FLEETCRM Customers to face & succeed in the changing landscape of the new-age digital Mobility Industry.

We truly trust the collaboration & partnership with FLEETCRM will bring greater difference from day-1 of you joining us in this digital transformation journey.

Who we are

We are the most trusted mobility specialist software company in the Livery (Limo, Chauffeur, Taxi, Transport), Ride-Hailing and E-Hailing industry. Our dedicated teams of support staff and engineers work tirelessly to make sure you have the best software for your company.

Vision & Mission

Our VISION is to help solve challenges faced by Micro, Small, Medium & Large Transport & Mobility Operators in the NEW digital-age to transform from Conventional to Digital way-of-working to achieve,

  • Business Growth through Supplier Global Network Community Programs
  • Revenue Generation by enabling E-Commerce & Digital Marketing capabilities
  • Operational Excellence embracing Automation to their Back-Office Operations

Our MISSION Is To Create Universally Best & Affordable Software-as-a-Service That Helps Micro, Small, Medium & Large Transport & Mobility Operators Generate NEW Revenue Streams In Their OWN Brand & RUN Their Business Operations Productively Using Technology From Anywhere, Anytime.